I am proud to raise money for Semper Fi Fund to "provide immediate needed resources to wounded veterans and their families."

Thank you for your contribution! Running across a continent is a great challenge. With your help, I can keep moving forward with the best food and most dependable gear!

Barefoot Jake's Transcontinental Run - 'The Un-Run'                                            Beginning March 5, 2015

On March 5th, 2015, I began a journey of over 3,000 miles, from Huntington Beach, CA to Manhattan, NY. Though at first I was alone, since Eastern New Mexico I've been supported everyday by strangers-turned-friends who carry my pack ahead, help make lodging arrangements, and provide me with the resources to keep moving forward. They are part of a much bigger picture than what they see in the moment. I hope those of you who choose to follow this journey will see past the lone runner and realize the true message of this project: that what we do in one particular place and moment has a real impact in a much larger world, among people we may never meet in person; we're a part of a Global Community, and it's time we take conscious action to be a more positive influence on the people and the world around us. This will be the first barefoot crossing of the North American Continent...so - there's that...

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