"The Road goes ever on & on, down from the door where it began, now far ahead The Road has gone, & I must follow if I can."

Join me as I go #BORDERLINECRAZY from Mexico to Canada, covering CA, OR, and WA State. I am officially solo/self-supported, but will accept help along the way. Follow me on social media for the latest updates. Please reach out if you're along or near my route. Donations help me eat heavy and travel light.

​My current route. Subject to change!


The first time I ran away from home, I was just a toddler. My mom went inside to answer the phone, and when she came out again, I all she could see of me was my white ass waddling down the street. She calls it "The Great Diaper Escape."

In 2013 I helped a friend run across the USA. I became hooked on the experience, and obsessed with the possibilities of a network that might be developed by a person constantly traveling the world on foot and making connections face-to-face. Most of what I do is pretty random, but about once a year I commit to reaching a certain goal and build a story around the experience.

2014: Ran from San Diego to San Ramon to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund.

2015: First person to cross the USA entirely barefoot.

2016-17: Traveled mostly throughout the Southwestern states, training and racing.

2018: Currently engaged in a ~1,600 mile run/hike/whatever from Mexico to Canada.

I am working on several pieces of writing about my adventures and the ideas, philosophies, and revelations that come of such unique experiences. If we met during my journeys, please send me a message! I miss you all.

-Jake B.