On the Road, Nov. - Dec. 2014

Hitchhiking across the USA

I am currently traveling West to California via a Southern route with a detour to Dallas. Along the way I'm talking about the Bare Sole Project and my upcoming transcontinental run. My sponsors include restaurants and hotels along my route - Check 'em out!

March 5th, 2015

Huntington Beach, CA - Manhattan, NY

Over 3,000 entirely on foot from cost-to-coast carrying all supplies, documenting the experience via social media and raising money and awareness for charities that I feel contribute to a Global Community and Conscious Lifestyle.

Ah - the Idiots. The infamous IRC motto, "ti no trid emos bur." Joining the online, transcontinental, budding-international, running club earns you a lifetime

of unconditional support, coaching, advice, pointless-hilarious meme-attacks on most of your group posts, and lots-and-lots of athletic enthusiasm. Sign up and don't forget to tell the group you heard of them here! Thanks to all the Idiots who keep coming out to run with me as I travel! I feel like I'm a part of the community everywhere I go :-)


Nutrition, Gear, Technology

My pack is heavy for one simple reason - everything in it is worth carrying. I've got some really solid gear and I feel confident that I can rely on it to survive for several days in remote locations without risk or need to look for any external support or supplies, while also maintaining and building the Bare

Sole Project and it's network. That means I carry the best mobile technology as prescribed by personal experience and the recommendations of experts.

Inside the Pack

What's worth the weight?

See what kind of gear I carry as I travel across the country. Every ounce counts! I take good care of my kit, and am a believer in quality over quantity.

Will Run for Oreos