Thank you for taking a moment to visit the Bare Sole Project; a nonprofit private initiative to raise awareness for causes that promote and support a Global Community and active lifestyle. We believe that everyone has the means to affect a positive change in the world.

The BSP strives to be a hub for people to find a cause to support; and for causes to find people to empower. The nonprofs we endorse, beneficiaries we feature, and athletes we sponsor were all encountered naturally during ultra-distance expeditions, and reflect the real-world connection between people, places, and things.

Please keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter @BareSoleProj You can learn more about that guy who's been calling your business on the Barefoot Jake Brown page and Notes From the Road blog.

No one runs alone!

-Barefoot Jake

Founder/Chief Ambassador

BSP is a nonprofit private initiative. Over 50% of the funds you donate today will be redistributed among our supported 501(c)(3) charities.

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